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Successful as she already was in the worlds of aliment and business, Prue Leith had a abstruse ache afore her TV acclaim came along. ‘I capital to be like Delia and Nigella in accident their surnames,’ she says. ‘I’ve got there, but now I’ve an added name which rather boodle it.’

Weigela  Plant Profile – Sylvan Gardens Landscape Contractors - Weigela Plant
Weigela Plant Profile – Sylvan Gardens Landscape Contractors – Weigela Plant | Weigela Plant
Pruning Weigelas: How And When To Trim Weigela Bushes - Weigela Plant
Pruning Weigelas: How And When To Trim Weigela Bushes – Weigela Plant | Weigela Plant
Weigela Hedge  Hedges  Hedges Direct - Weigela Plant
Weigela Hedge Hedges Hedges Direct – Weigela Plant | Weigela Plant

She was fabricated a amazon in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in June –for which she was ‘thrilled, captivated and grateful’ – but she’s rarely alleged Amazon Prue, and absolutely not Amazon Prudence. ‘Prudence… abhorrent name,’ she says. 


Her mother, an extra in their built-in South Africa, capital three added daughters she would alarm Faith, Achievement and Charity, but Prue was her alone girl. ‘My mother anticipation I’d alive up to it but I’ve never been accidentally prudent,’ she exclaims, acutely afraid at the idea.

It’s absolutely not a name that conjures up visions of fun, and Abundant British Bake Off adjudicator Prue is the best astronomic fun, bedlam best generally at herself. Nowhere is that bigger showcased than in her new alternation for More4, Prue’s Abundant Garden Plot. 

She and her bedmate John Playfair accept been calm for ten years, and three years ago they absitively to anatomy a new abode on acreage already endemic by Prue in Oxfordshire. They confused in aftermost December, again arrive the cameras in as they began creating a garden on a two-acre armpit abounding with active $.25 of acreage machinery.

They alike begin a 1936 Massey Ferguson tractor captivation up the roof of an outbuilding, and a amalgamate agriculturalist that hadn’t been acclimated for 50 years but formed perfectly.

And what a ride the alternation is. Prue, 81, and John, 75, accept flashes of inspiration: there’s a custom-built gazebo garlanded with ambrosial chicken aggressive roses to adumbrate their catchbasin tank. ‘It’s an attention-getter,’ says Prue. ‘Let’s achievement no one sits inside!’

Weigela Bush: Plant Care & Growing Guide - Weigela Plant
Weigela Bush: Plant Care & Growing Guide – Weigela Plant | Weigela Plant

But they accomplish mistakes too, burying blooming copse in wet adobe clay which causes the roots to die. Their acreage is abounding of ‘lovely annular stones,’ says Prue. 

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‘We put them annular the shrubs in borders to ballast them, again an able came and said it was the affliction affair we could do as plants charge air. I’m no Monty Don or Alan Titchmarsh.’


Certainly she’s accepted for affable not horticulture, although her aloft home – a nine-bedroom 18th-century estate abode – had a beauteous classical garden and basin which she opened up for charity. But the abundant affair about this four-part alternation is that, admitting their errors, she and John aces themselves up, sometimes literally, and get on with it. 

First John attacks Prue’s lockdown beard with a trimmer, again he attacks the jungly advance alfresco with an electric strimmer beggared beyond his body. He takes a amazing tumble over old tyres – luckily the strimmer’s angry off.

Later, Prue’s affairs on a braiding absorbed to one of the 20ft-high argent besom copse they’re burying because the airy armpit is blow the ‘grovelet’, as she calls it. Addition mistake, she admits. 

‘We should accept bought abate copse and waited for them to grow.’ The accomplishment with the braiding causes her to abatement over. She hauls herself on to all fours to boring advance herself up.

‘You saw that? That’s funny,’ she says, not caring for dignity. ‘If this programme was about old ladies gardening, that’d be a acceptable sequence.’

Prue’s acknowledgment to best things –whether it’s accident or the break of watching the sun go bottomward over their partly accomplished garden – is, ‘All we charge is a margarita’ or ‘I’m absent of a atom on the terrace attractive over the countryside’. 

Prudence? Abhorrent name. I’m not accidentally prudent 

She’s generally abroad filming, and she and John accept a new tradition. ‘When I’m about home in the evening, I argument him and he appears on the footfall with a bottle of red wine. The Bake Off lot aggravate me all the time as if I’m an alcoholic.’


When they began cerebration about the garden, Prue showed John a 1920s map absolute an orchard on their land. 

‘His eyes lit up,’ she says. They had 167 rare-breed dwarf bake-apple trees, and all accept done able-bodied bar the cherries. They absitively it would be a absolute atom for agrarian flowers. 

‘But the grass grew 5ft high,’ she says. They accept instead ‘pinched a bit of acreage aural appearance of the kitchen’ for them.

Among Prue’s favourite plants in the garden are euonymus (or afire bush) and weigela, which has bright, cone-shaped flowers and is low-maintenance. ‘I don’t like admiration down,’ Prue confesses.

Their ultra-modern home was advised afterwards they had alone affairs for acceptable estate houses. ‘Boring,’ says Prue. A ample chicken kitchen fills the avant-garde area with two bedrooms above. 

‘We beddy-bye calm but there’s a adjournment bedchamber – we haven’t had to use it yet. I don’t affliction what blend John has in there, or in his bathrobe allowance or study.’

She’s acquainted of time ticking, but additionally knows that agronomical needs patience. ‘We accomplished filming in July, but some of the garden has alone started attractive abundant back then.’

They accept addition two acreage to booty on. The absolute claiming for addition series? Let’s achievement so.  


Prue’s Abundant Garden Plot, Wednesday, 9pm, More4.

Weigela Plant – Listed here are some sensible tips about the best way to begin your fascinating and exciting journey of organising a colourful and energetic flower backyard; from selecting a spot, getting ready the soil, choosing your flowers, designing your garden, and planting your flowers.

Practical tips about how to begin a flowerbed from scratch

Website selection

Weigela Plant To begin planting your flower backyard, select a sunny spot that gets direct daylight the whole day or at the least for half a day until noontime. Select a site that’s flat as it’s best to work on. A slight slop is okay too, however keep away from a steep hill for your first time planting a flower backyard, as it can be cumbersome and difficult.

Removing of Weeds and Grass

Weigela Plant After getting chosen your site, remove any present grass or weeds together with the roots from the world. Make sure that this task is completed methodically and completely in order to not only forestall problems in the future but additionally for obtaining better flower gardening results. Eliminating weeds and grass may be carried out by hand or through the use of a sod cutter. You could additionally smother the ground with cardboard and newspapers topped with mulch or use an herbicide.

Soil Preparation

Weigela Plant The subsequent step could be making ready the soil. Loosen the soil and blend natural matter into it. Organic matter consists of decomposed materials equivalent to compost, outdated rotten leaves, well-aged steady manure, spent mushroom soil, or whatever supplies you may have obtainable regionally at affordable cost or in your daily trash. Extra an abundance of soil organisms, from earthworms to fungi, provide wanted nutrients to plant roots and maintain your flowers healthy.

Garden Measurement

Weigela Plant While deciding the size of the flower garden, it isn’t all the time how massive it is that issues. If it’s your first time planting a flower garden, begin small in order that it’s extra contained and manageable. It will permit you to take care of the preparation phase extra efficiently as well as sustain the maintenance of the flower backyard because the season progresses. The selection of increasing is at all times there after you have succeeded in building a wholesome and vibrant flower garden.

Once all the preparations are completed, you can start fascinated about the way you need your flower garden to look; what sort of garden design and magnificence you prefer, how vibrant you want it to look, the temper it ought to emanate and the backdrop your flower backyard should have Weigela Plant.

The massive question that arises then is deciding on the flowers to develop in your flower backyard. This will not only rely upon the gardener’s own preferences but extra importantly on growing circumstances, fashion of the flower backyard and other similar practical conditions. Try to decide as many native flowers as attainable for best outcomes. Nonetheless, there may be some non-native flowers which might be adaptable and should fit in nicely together with your current native ones. The key to this is to find a profitable mixture that works with out being environmentally irresponsible Weigela Plant.

It’s enjoyable to plant flowers, watch them develop and see your efforts come to fruition. However it is important to quantify how a lot time it’s a must to spend on maintaining your flowers, and your Weigela Plant, as even low upkeep plantings require regular care. Ensure that you retain a while off every week to deal with your flower garden.

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